Well everyone, that’s a wrap! The OSSS Summer Tour in The Painted Hills has come, gone, and left us in sheer delight at the number of new faces and loyal members who braved the heat and rugged backcountry roads of Wheeler County with us. We hope you all came away from the tour with a little more knowledge and understanding of how the John Day Fossils Beds came to be, how the soils out there are being mapped, and how land managers are using that data to put thoughtful conservation practices on the ground.

I also need to send out a deep and sincere ‘Thank You’ goes out to our esteemed key-note speaker, Dr. Greg Retallack, for the captivating lectures and discussions he shared with us all over the course of the tour.
Another round of great thanks goes to Kurt Moffitt, Leanna (& Milo) VanSlambrook, Aimee Clark and our camp cook, Doug for navigating us to a swimming success. (get it?!?;) Also, hats off to Adrian Gallo and Shannon Andrews for coordinating our OSU contingent. You rock.

Last but certainly not least, a huge shout out goes to all the children (and their parents) for just being total rockstars in 110 degree heat. There was not one single meltdown had by our tiniest of troopers: Y’all are the real MVPs!!!

With that, I now encourage you to do 2 things before you go:
Complete this Participant Survey
Upload all those fantastic photos from the tour, complete with captions, credits, and descriptions so we can cull them for the upcoming Sharpshooter.

OSSS 2015 Summer Tour-Wheeler County

Supplemental tour materials will be posted shortly, as will Saturday’s membership meeting minutes. Oh! Which reminds me–Congratulations to our new Westside Director, Cory Owens! Cory will be our lead on all things Western Oregon with a special emphasis on the national Soil Health Initiative. Welcome aboard!

Without further adieu, I wish you all a safe and wonderful remainder of your summer season and look forward to seeing you all again at the 2016 Winter Meeting in Canyonville, OR!


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