The Oregon Society of Soil Scientists (OSSS) will be registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of professionals dedicated to the advancement of soil science. We aim to promote high standards of professional development, continuous learning, public awareness of soil resources, and facilitate member certification in ARCPACS (American Registry of Certified Professionals in Agronomy, Crops, and Soils). The Society encourages individuals and organizations to join and actively participate in the conservation and management of the soil resource, our most precious life support system.


Trained soil scientists can:

  • Analyze the physical, biological, and chemical properties of soil
  • Design sustainable soil management action plans
  • Develop environmental impact statements for multidisciplinary management projects
  • Implement soil conservation, irrigation, and drainage measures
  • Evaluate soil capabilities and limitations
Soil scientists in Oregon work for many types of organizations, including:
  • State Departments of Minerals and Industries, Forestry, Water Resources, Environmental Quality, and Economic Development
  • US Bureau of Land Management
  • Universities and other OSSHE Institutions
  • US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Native American Tribes, Bands, and Nations
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • OSU Agricultural and Forestry Extension
  • USDA Natural Resoruces Conservation Service
  • Businesses and independent consultants involved in agriculture, forestry, waste utilization, microbiology, surveying and mapping, land information systems, horticulture, specialty crops, land use planning, hydrology, environmental training, ecological engineering, riparian areas wetlands, arboriculture, and remote sensing

Foster professionalism

Encourage cooperation and fellowship

Promote public appreciation of the profession

Advance the field of soil science

Stimulate scientific research and publication

Support high standards of education in soil science

Facilitate ARCPACS certification

OSSS members provide a wide variety of services:

Soon we will have a list of Certified Soil Scientists as a resource to those looking for soils related services.

  • On-site evaluations
  • Soil fertility appraisal
  • Project siting
  • On-site septic and waste disposal
  • Resource inventories
  • Land, water, and vegetation surveys
  • Soil erosion, compaction, and degradation evaluations
  • Land use surveys
  • Irrigation, drainage, and reclamation consultation
  • Watershed and riparian area protection
  • Regional, county, and municipal plans
  • Research, education, and training
  • Soil-plant-water relationships
  • Soil analysis and testing
  • Soil chemistry, physics, and ecology

OSSS offers membership to soil scientists and related natural resource professionals committed to the stewardship of soil resources.

Joining OSSS is easy– just choose one of two options: *Options coming soon. For now just email Shannon shannonbandrews@gmail.com

Option 1. By mail.

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Option 2.  Online.

With your OSSS account you can register for events, update your information, pay dues, and more. All member information is safely and securely kept on our online database.

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President: Shannon Andrews – shannonbandrews@gmail.com
Vice-president: James Cassidy – james.cassidy@oregonstate.edu
Past President: Gabriella Coughlin – gabriella.coughlin@gmail.com
Treasurer: Pam Keller – pam.mark.keller@gmail.com
Secretary: Sean Rochette – sean.rochette@gmail.com
Eastside director: Sarah Hash – sarahjanehash@gmail.com
Westside director: Andy Gallagher – rvg@redhillsoil.com
Sharpshooter editor: Will Austin – austin7971@gmail.com
OSU Student Liaison: Ruben Aleman  ruben.aleman@oregonstate.edu
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