May 15, 2017

OSSS Business Meeting Minutes

Call to order 5:09pm – Shannon Andrews

Members Present: Shannon, Sarah, Sean, James, Pam, Ruben, Adam (for website update), Gabriella (joined about 6:45pm)

Approve minutes from Winter Meeting Business Meeting

  • Minutes approved, none opposed

Approve minutes from Board meeting 4-3-17

  • Minutes approved, none opposed
Membership report
  • *Shannon and Sean to meet regarding maintenance of membership list
  • New member applications coming in
Treasurer’s report
  • Current status report
    • Using Excel OSSS General Ledger – future proofed layout
      • Fiscal Year July 1 – June 30 (important to use correct fiscal year)
      • File formatting important
      • Standard categories to track
      • Secretary to verify ledger vs bank statements and keep paper copies
    • Review of Pivot Table
    • *Discuss Paypal vs other online payment methods
  • BOD Approvals, invoices, reimbursements
    • Payment for State of Oregon Dept. of Revenue back taxes – approved, none opposed
  • Status of Fed Tax-exempt application
    • Need to confirm with Gabriella that she will be the one to submit
    • Need annual reports
  • Decision on who compiles and sends in final paperwork
  • See above
Old business

Financial documentation

  • Edits have been made – review the plan to finish it!
    • Major change was that is largely based on an approved budget
      • Pam next to review (without track changes)
      • Sean to read and grammar check / format
    • Gabriella make font style consistent
    • Sarah to do another format / grammar check
    • Back to Shannon for final review before a vote to accept
      • Want to have this process done by the strategic retreat

Marketing Communication

  • Met and read through everything
  • Discussed a strategic retreat to hash it all out – June?
    • Tentative June 16-18
  • Invite all board and past presidents
  • Call for a planning committee
    • Shannon, James, ask Marcus & Will
    • Will send info out to group when ready


  • Status update
    • Abandon the old site and recover what we can for the new site
    • Obtain passwords from users
  • Paypal/membership works status
    • Drop these for now (temporary)
  • Other plugins and priorities
    • Dropping several plugins that are not needed (and cost money)
  • The month of the WEBSITE!
    • Should have beta up soon (hopefully before strategic retreat)
  • Transfer of passwords and responsibility for social media
    • Ruben to do Instagram
    • Gabriella currently has access to Twitter (TBD who will use in future)
    • No financial transactions with social media
    • OSSS Facebook issues in posting need resolution

New Business

Budget 2017-2018 (Fiscal Year 2017)

  • To be voted in by board (review at strategic retreat)

Summer meeting

  • Camping locations decisions
    • Need location in Burns for hotel / campsite
      • Rory & Ryan Inn or Best Western possibilities
      • *Shannon to call and get a room block
      • Potential camping at Pam & Mark property
      • Other options available
    • Food potluck planning
      • Board rotation on meals
    • Geological history for upcoming Sharpshooter
      • Soil science in Burns area
    • Public talk organization and advertising
      • Chamber of Commerce
      • Wine and cheese donations?
        • Will speak to others about this
        • James will get donations from Nina
      • 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days
        • Send reminders
      • Transportation logistics
        • Organize van transportation
      • Student participation
        • Will discuss later
      • Catchy logo for shirts (with new branding) – pre-order with registration
        • Student design contest
      • Meeting registration fees
        • To discuss later
        • Early vs late incentive

Event report – Between Earth and Sky

  • Ruben update – was informational
  • Lots of interest, we had a nice demonstration that is sitting in the big box

Warkentin invite response

  • 2 full vans lined up

Other events coming up we should tell OSSS members about

  • DEQ Soils Workshop opportunity (OSSS host training)
    • Can discuss later

Winter meeting – The History of the Great Quakes as Seen Through Soil (pushed for later discussion)

  • Need to find our field sites
  • Need to invite Chris Goldfinger
  • Need to get this on Scott Burn’s schedule
  • Ideas for other guests?
  • Panel on government funding and impact on future projects

For the next Sharpshooter (discuss later)

  • Feedback about emails being displayed – will not do in the future
  • Soil sci visitors guide to Burns area?
  • Euro Geophysical Union report
  • Tim Murphy from DLCD. There has been a steady decline in the number of consultants who can provide the Agricultural Soils Capability Assessment. I thought it might be a good topic for the Sharpshooter, especially if I compliment it with an update to SSSA CPSS certification changes.
  • Kris Osty already gave me an article about the Soil Judgers competition

Open Floor

Adjourn 6:53pm

April 3, 2017

OSSS Business Meeting Minutes

Call to order – 6:02 PM by Shannon Andrews
  • Members Present: Shannon, James, Pam, Sean, Sarah, Ruben, Adam, Will, Gabriella

Approve minutes from Winter Meeting Business Meeting

  • Will send out for approval via email once finalized
Membership report
  • 50 members total
  • Sean (new secretary) to maintain list going forward
Treasurer’s report
  • Treasurer’s Meeting on 4/12/17
  • Gabby & Leanna to lead committee on 501(c)(3) nonprofit documents / application along with help Will, Teresa, Pam and Shannon
    • Need financial controls policy, position descriptions, marketing plan*
    • Final application packet will be sent out to group prior to submittal
File organization/sharing
  • Using Dropbox
  • Files to be reorganized*

Transfer of old to new positions

  • New positions meet with predecessors (as needed)
Old business:

WM 2017 Wrap-up

  • Attendance less than usual
  • Location and space was conducive to socializing
  • Idea for future – flash talk to start poster session

Financial documentation

  • Covered under treasurer’s report and file organization

Have started a Non-profit committee will meet on April 12

  • See treasurer’s meeting
  • Update bi-laws*

Website – made some parts active

  • Adam is going to change the host so it doesn’t take an hour to make one change
  • $200 / year website domain in proposed budget w/ other money allocated for web design (plugins, etc.)
  • Plugin licenses may be expiring
  • Membership link not currently active – email Shannon
New Business:

Mailing list almost complete – review

  • Going to use Google group (easy opt in or out)
  • Want to encourage membership
  • Opt-in for members’ contact info
  • Member only content (job postings, recent soil news / articles, etc.)*

Review and approval of new budget

  • Having budget is critical
  • Going forward, treasurer to put together budget w/ president for following year
    • Shannon will talk with Leanna
  • May need to change purchase amounts requiring dual signatures / board approval
  • Motion to push budget approval until after Leanna & Shannon meet
    • Motion passed, none opposed

Summer meeting – change of plans

  • Better to do the Gelisol Hunt Next Year (not enough time)*
    • Start prep now: Permits, Digging regulations, group size
  • Archaeological History comes to life in Oregon! – Need a real title

The TV show from National Geographic that gave me this idea is linked below. The clip

on “Eastern Oregon” is 11:45 minutes in.      humankind/episodes/spark-of-civilization/

  • Discuss the general outline of the agenda for the summer meeting and discuss dates
    • Soil profiles outside Burns – BLM contact Scott Thomas
    • Accommodations: camping encouraged
    • Dates will be based on Scott’s schedule
    • Try for public talk on Thursday night (fundraiser)
    • General discussion of sites – Shannon to get more details

Warkentin speaker – come to the lectures

  • from Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Geology Tour with Lifetime Members
    • All OSSS members welcome
    • Tour w/ Dr. Bockheim
  • Proposed agenda
    • May 22 – Notice in Sharpshooter to come

Winter meeting – The History of the Great Quakes as Seen Through Soil

  • Need to find our field sites (coast) – contact Shannon with ideas
  • Need to invite Chris Goldfinger (award winner)
  • Need to get this on Scott Burn’s schedule
  • Ideas for other guests – make contact
  • Panel on government funding and impact on future projects
    • Incorporate public talk into meeting

Sharpshooter – Everyone get Shannon their articles by April 5!*

  • Presidents Message
    • Introduction
    • Summer Meeting Plan
    • Exciting new future – a place for collaboration
    • Website updates
  • Call for soil pit site ideas for Winter Meeting
  • Warkentin Talk – Cryosol expert!
    • Lifetime member perks – Tour with Dr. James Bockheim
  • Intro to Scott Thomas – Our Clovis Master
  • WM Minutes
  • Approved Annual Budget
    • Push until summer
  • New Professor Introduction – Maziar
  • NRCS Corner – Gabby
  • DEQ Corner – Sean
  • USFS Corner – Sarah
  • OSU Corner – James
  • East / West directors’ notes / links to articles

Open Floor

Adjourn 7:45 PM


March 10, 2017

OSSS Winter Meeting Business Meeting    


10:53am Meeting called to order by Gabriella Coughlin
  • Gabby explains the difficulties of managing this organization and the heavy load of reorganization of the financial management.
  • Describes the progress toward many big goals
  • Provides optimism for moving forward and ideas for ways to get there
11:31 Members Report
  • 21 Lifetime members
  • 20 Professional members
  • 10 Student members
11:35 Treasurers Report
  • Difficult to get all accounts straight during the meeting
  • Meeting was in the black but just barely
  • Have money available for our back taxes that are due
  • Addendum: Current balance as of 4/11/17:
11:40 Elections to Board

Shannon explained by-law term limits, brand new board for this year but Secretary and Westside Director, though two year terms, will end at the Winter Meeting next year. We didn’t have new elections last year because we didn’t have a WM. Discussed expectations from board for upcoming year.

Call for nominations:

  • VP: Shannon nominates James Cassidy, – accepts, no other volunteers
  • Treasurer: Shannon nominates Teresa Matteson – willing but would be happy have someone else who can commit more time. Leanna emphasizes the importance of this roll and the need for a strong commitment. Pam Keller is nominated, – accepts, Teresa withdraws
  • Secretary: Adrian Gallo nominates Sean Rochette – accepts, no other volunteers
  • Eastside Director: Shannon nominates Meghan – accepts with caveat that she is willing to let someone else do it if interested. Sarah Hash nominates herself and Meghan withdraws
  • Westside Director: Shannon nominates Andy Gallagher – accepts, no other volunteers

Non-official board attendees, none listed below were able to attend the WM Business Meeting but all agreed to help in their respective roles:

  • Student liaison OSU: Shannon nominates Ruben Aleman
  • Student liaison PSU: Shannon nominates Dale Melton
  • Sharpshooter editor: Shannon nominates Will Austin
  • Webmaster: Shannon nominates Adam Lindsley

11:55 Nominees introduce themselves and what they hope to do in their prospective roll

12:06 Held voice votes for each position. There were no descending votes for any board positions or non-official board attendees. New Board is welcomed.

12:11 New Business

Summer meeting location proposals
  • Quest for a Gelisol sounds great but…
    • Consider challenges with Wilderness permits, Digging in a sensitive zone, a group of more than 12 people, an alternative field tour for those unable to climb a mountain, the eclipse is going to be close to the best time for the tour and we won’t find a camp site, need to go on scouting trips
  • An alternative was proposed for a trip to the Wallowas – consider how soil type and geology impacts management and what factors need to be considered when assessing soil health
  • ACTION ITEM: Within one month we will decide if we can make the Quest for a Gelisol happen this year. Results will be reported in the upcoming Sharpshooter
Winter meeting 2018 idea and discussion
  • History of the Great Quakes as seen through Soil
    • People seem to like the idea and give names of experts on the topic, Ashley Steig, Chris Goldfinger, Scott Burns. Location will likely be on the coast but final destination will depend on where we can see the best evidence in the pits. Will need a scouting trip of two.
  • Discussed whether people like Thursday Friday meetings or if we should change it to Friday Saturday.
    • Benefits both ways. Many people have to take vacation to come to OSSS, they like Fri Sat. Others need time to travel and have their own weekend plans, they like Thurs Fri. Took an unofficial vote to get the feel in the room, of the people who say it matters to them, 8 like TF, 7 like FS.
  • DECISION: Board will make final decision on annual basis.
  • Meeting Amenities:
  • Winter meetings need more amenities than summer meeting. Camp Koinonia was great for what we needed, but many of the professional members prefer to have access to a hotel. If we are in a situation where meals are not provided by the facility, we need to spread the work load better. More potluck style meals, particularly for the summer meetings. People are okay with $150 for registration, 175 is pushing it and $200 is too much, unless that includes lodging.
  • Idea to have more small meetings. Maybe spread them out around the state. Have a East side tour and a west side tour. Will continue to discuss this idea and see if anyone can get them organized.
  • Discussed moving meetings from the end of Winter and Summer to Spring and Fall. It would be nice to get away from the weather extremes. It is also difficult to schedule soil scientists to leave their work in the Spring and the Fall. There is a reason that soils conferences are in the Winter. Second week in March is about as late as people are willing to go. Late Sept might work for the summer meeting.

1:30 Lunch Break – Avoid the Hangry Discussions!

 Discussion of Presidential Term Limits
  • 2015 Summer meeting vote to change the by-laws so that the President’s term is a 2 year position
    • This makes for a total of a 6 year board position commitment
    • Was done so that Presidents could focus on bigger goals instead of just getting the hang of it by the time they have to hang up their spurs
    • Discussed difficulties of finding people willing to commit to 6 years
    • Discussed that this was never officially added to the by-laws
    • Discussed that we have made serious financial progress with this in place for the last two years
    • Discussed a new alternative, 2 year terms but cut the past President Board position. 2 years VP, 2 years Pres for a total of 4 years
    • After much discussion we voted: First we voted to rescind the change to the bi-laws that created the two year term. There were 4 dissenting votes, but the motion pasted.
    • Then we voted on keeping the terms as 1 year VP, 1 year P, 1 year PP or 2 years VP and 2 years P. The vote was unanimous to keep the original terms, 1,1,1.
We had a productive conversation about what people feel is the direction/purpose/mission of OSSS
  • We want to connect with other soil scientists
  • Important to know what is going on in other gov and non-gov agencies that work in soils
  • As work organizations do less to help with networking the purpose for OSSS get stronger
  • Idaho SSS died because of lack of outreach to students
  • We need to create a five year plan
    • Budget for the next year will include a strategic retreat for board members and any past presidents to prioritize goals, consider the purpose of OSSS, and organize the calendar for the upcoming year
  • We want to have a hand in educating the public about the importance of soil and protecting soil
  • Want to pursue more mechanisms to connect students with experienced soil scientists
  • Want to organize a study session with students and professionals who are interested in taking the exam to become a certified soil scientist – shared knowledge!
  • Need to have a functional website, parts public, parts for members only MO
    • Include information on soil for the public
    • Provide an opt in list of soil scientists who may perform services, with certification information for public
    • Provide an opt in list of members so we can reach each other – MO
    • Would like to have a place to share interesting soils related articles with our community
    • Need to get the basic functions of a members website functional asap.
  • A budget was reviewed with the group, suggestions were discussed regarding registration costs, what is allowed to be charged, and financial needs to improve the website
    • final budget decisions were punted to the Executive Board
Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.