Posted 7/19/17

Sungrant Biosci Tech Description

Outreach Notice – Fremont-Winema Various Position 07-05-2017 REVISED

Posted 7/11/17

Soils Classifiers Needed!

There is a growing need for soil scientists, especially in central and eastern Oregon, who have experience in classification and are interested in working with property owners on land use applications.  Owners of agricultural land who feel the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Web Soil Survey does not accurately reflect soils capability on their properties can hire a qualified soils scientist to conduct an Order 1 soils assessment.  If soils with a lower capability rating are identified, the soils assessment may then be used by the property owner as part of a land use application to justify a non-farm dwelling or a zone change.  Soils assessments are reviewed by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development (DLCD) prior to submittal to the county for local land use review.

To participate, soils professionals must be a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) or Certified Professional Soils Classifier (CPSC) in good standing with the Soil Science Society of America.  Approved soils scientists are listed on the DLCD website which is used property owners when selecting a soils scientist  For additional information, contact Tim Murphy, DLCD Farm and Forest Lands Specialist, at 503-934-0048 or