Posted 1-2-18

Job opening for a soil scientist position permitting onsite septic systems in Clackamas County.

Posted 1-3-18

Soil Scientist GS-0470-11

The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is planning to fill one full time Soil Scientist, GS-0470-11. The duty location will be Cle Elum Ranger District, covering the southern zone of the Forest.  The position will cover land management activities on the Cle Elum and Naches Ranger Districts, within the Upper Yakima Basin of Kittitas and Yakima Counties.

The Okanogan-Wenatchee is a progressive and complex forest working aggressively on restoration efforts with a multitude of collaborators. The Forest is the focus of national and regional initiatives to restore forest patterns, processes, and functions to increase resilience to climate change and to disturbances.

If interested, please respond with your interest in the outreach database and send an e-mail response to Michelle Capp, Cle Elum District Ranger, no later than the close of business January 5, 2018 at

Position duties include:

  • Supplies soil related information to the land management planning process. Provides technical expertise in analyzing this information.  Determines resource potentials, suggests alternative management practices, predicts the effect of each management alternative, and assesses the resource trade-offs required to build an optimum program.  Formulates and recommends Forest short range programs for soils management and provides technical evaluation and support to the development of long range plans.
  • Makes assigned soil management investigations of soil management problem areas, analyzes this data, and makes recommendations which are used in preparing integrated plans for resource management activities on the Forest. Advises land managers of capabilities and limitations of soils for a variety of contemplated uses and activities (e.g., timber sales, watershed rehabilitation projects, transportation planning, or recreation development).  Serves on interdisciplinary teams conducting environmental analyses of proposed projects.
  • Provides soil related information needed to develop and maintain the Forest Land Management Plan, compartment examination prescriptions, and other project proposals and environmental analyses. Monitors ongoing projects to evaluate the effects of management practices on the soil.  Serves as a technical expert on environmental programs that involve complex and conflicting program goals and requirements.
  • Conducts reconnaissance and detailed soil surveys in areas of moderate complexity. Is completely responsible for development and interpretation of soil survey legend.  Prepares inventory reports which include inventory descriptions, and map unit descriptions characteristics.
  • Establishes and maintains an up-to-date inventory   of   proposed   rehabilitation   projects by priorities. Serves as   project Makes field investigations following fires to appraise damages to the watershed and recommend treatment for rehabilitation of the area. Inspects and evaluates completed watershed rehabilitation projects to determine their effectiveness.
  • Participates in the land management planning Provides professional hydrologic input into the development of the Forest plan, which involves gathering data, analyzing data, and making recommendations. Participates as required in the development of environmental assessments or environmental impact statements.
  • Participates in the preparation of input to the annual and long range program and budget process by recommending priorities of soil projects.
We are seeking an individual who has:
  • Good oral and written communication skills for the public and Forest Service
  • Forest restoration experience
  • Quality leadership and team building
  • A safe and professional working attitude, and
  • Someone who creates a work environment that respects, appreciates, and accepts the contributions and perspectives of all employees.

Anyone interested in further information about the vacancy should contact Molly Hanson, Forest hydrologist, at 509-664-9330 Please return the outreach response form, attached, by January 13, 2017.