When: Monday September 10th 1:00 PM – Wednesday the 12th ~2:00 PM
Where: Wallowa Lake Camp 84522 Church Lane, Joseph OR
Who: OSSS Members, Students, and Non-members!
Why: Soil, Lodge-living, & their doing the cooking!!!

BYOB – allowed but, be discrete. No Pets.
Registration must be received before August 30th! Click here to register!

Come spend a few days seeing the grandeur of the Wallowas in the comfort of the lodge on the lake! Big old church camp with semi-private bunk rooms and THEIR DOING THE COOKING!!! All we have to do is see great stuff, hang out and enjoy life!!! GREAT PRICE!!! Traveling long distances? Add the Sunday Night for another $44 (includes supper, breakfast, and sleep in!) Going on the Eagle Cap Wilderness Expedition Sean is arranging? Stay the night Wednesday for another $44 – just let us know! Seriously, you’ll spend more money staying home!

Attractions to consume!

  • Giant Glacial Moraines! – Starts at 1:00pm
  • Terrior of Barley and Brewing
  • Zumwalt Prairie – prairie soil pits, grazed & never grazed!
  • View spawning kokanee salmon!
  • MIND-BLOWING Mountain Views
  • Lake Wallowa!!! – bring your swim suit!
  • All meals included!!! Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner!!!
  • Van transportation provided! …or drive yourself if you want!!!
  • $100 for Members ($75 for Students)