Agenda OSSS Winter Meeting: BIG History!
Thursday, Feb 21st
5:30pm Open doors – light snacks – cash bar Eventuary Lincoln City
6:30pm Public Talk – SOIL!  What it is and How it Works James Cassidy OSU Crop and Soil Science
8:00pm Social hour with the public OSSS Members and the public  
Friday, Feb 22nd
7:30am Coffee, tea, breakfast Provided Eventuary
8:30 Opening Remarks James Cassidy OSU Crop and Soil Science
8:45 Geologic History of the Earth & the Birth of Soil Jay Noller OSU Crop and Soil Science
10:00 History of a Soil Order – Andisol Markus Kleber OSU Crop and Soil Science
11:00 Astropedology and the Origin of Life Greg Retallack University of Oregon
12:00 Lunch Provided Eventuary
1:00 Cemeteries, Soil, and Forever… Cynthia Beal Natural Burial Company
2:00 The History of Ecology and Agriculture – Then and Now Randal Beeman Emeritus Professor of History, Bakersfield College
3:00 The Future is Rural Jason Bradford President of Post Carbon Institute
4:00 Break and social hour   Eventuary
4:30 Businness Meeting   Eventuary
5:00 Poster Session – and Happy Hour OSSS Member – Elections Eventuary
7:00 Supper and social @ The Anchor Inn   Anchor Inn
Saturday, Feb 23rd
7:00am Coffee, tea, breakfast Provided Anchor Inn
9:00 Load UP for Field Trip    
9:20 Field trip -Cascade Head Anidsol plots and Beachfront Spodosols – shared features Pedro Martinez & Markus Kleber OSU Crop and Soil Science
1:00 Return to Anchor Inn   Anchor Inn
2:00 Check out and Adjorn   Anchor Inn
3:00 Newport Seafood and Wine Festival   Newport OR

OSSS Line-up – Winter 2019 Lincoln City

  1. Jay Noller- Geologic History of the Earth and the Birth of SOIL
  2. Markus Kleber –  Andisol – History of a Soil Order
  3. Greg Retallack – Astropedology and the Origin of Life


  • Cynthia Beal – Cemeteries, Soil, and Forever
  • Randal Beeman – The History of Ecology and Agriculture – Then and Now
  • Jason Bradford – The Future is Rural

Jay Noller – Jay is Department Head for the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University.  He is professor of landscape pedology, with research involving the disciplines of soil science, geomorphology, art and archaeology. His research focuses on morphologistics (the art‐science of shape and form) and human interactions with soils in modern and ancient agricultural and forest landscapes of the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.  Jay is also a painter of soil themes and uses soil pigments in his work.

Markus Kleber – Markus is Associate Professor, Soil and Environmental Geochemistry.  His research interests involve processes at the interface between organic matter and mineral surfaces, including mineral surface properties, organic matter properties, bonding mechanisms, adsorption processes, mineral-microbial interactions, and organic matter turnover dynamics.  He was also a helicopter pilot and is a classically trained trombone player.

Greg Retallack – Greg is a Professor of Earth Sciences and Director of the Condon Collection of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon. He is Australian by birth, but has been at the University of Oregon for 38 years. His research concerns the history of soil on Earth and Mars over the past 3.7 billion years, and especially the evolving role of life in pedogenesis.

Cynthia Beal – Cynthia is the Associate Director of the Sustainable Cemetery Studies Lab in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Oregon State University.  She is also the founder and General Manager of the Natural Burial Company, designing and selling biodegradable coffins and urns, and operates two cemeteries and a home funeral service out of Eugene, Oregon. Currently in the process of founding the New Cemetery Institute with her colleague and soils mentor, Dr. Jay Noller, she is working to foster sustainable cemetery management by increasing our understanding and improving our use of the human-soil interface – the cemetery – when we encounter and deal with our bodies at death. She was also Eugene OR Slug Queen in 2002   

Randal Beeman – Randal is Emeritus Professor of History Bakersfield College and Adjunct Professor Of History Pepperdine University. Randy has done consulting work in the agriculture industry. He was raised in Kansas and participated in my family’s cattle operation through the age of 25.

Jason Bradford – Dr. Jason Bradford has been affiliated with Post Carbon Institute since 2004, first as a Fellow and then as a Board Member. He grew up in the Bay Area of California and graduated from U.C. Davis with a B.S. in biology before earning his doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis, where he also taught ecology for a few years.

Pedro Martinez – Soil geographer with three years’ experience in soil survey in Brazil. He obtained his masters in Soil Science at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) where he investigated the relationship between geomorphology-hydrology-podzolisation in a barrier island (Ilha Comprida, Sao Paulo – Brazil). After obtaining his master’s degree, he served as an instructor at the Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro, where he taught the coursework of Geology I, Hydrography, and Research in Geography. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate in Soil Science at Oregon State University, where he is working on organic carbon accumulation in highly weathered soil (Oxisols/Ferralsols). At OSU, he is also helping to develop the online course Soil Landscape Analysis.