We have a very exciting line up of speakers to provide tools to help increase the effectiveness of soil scientists communicating with producers and policy makers regarding implementation of soil health principles.  To learn more about each expert, click on their names. (this will be finished soon, please be patient with me)

Dr. David Montgomery

Dr. Montgomery is an internationally-recognized geomorphologist and communicator whom you may recognize as the author of books such as Growing a Revolution: Bringing our Soils Back to Life, The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health and Dirt: The Erosion of Civilization. I have been inspired to action by his writings, and hope you can find time to read some too. If you do a lot of field or lab work, they are also available as audiobooks!

Dr. Kristin Trippe

Shannon Andrews

Shannon is the manager of the OSU Central Analytical Laboratory, is finishing her dissertation, and is the current president of OSSS. Her research has been focused at the intersection of soil fertility and microbiology with an eye toward improving animal agricultural nutrient efficiency. She is also working on a project funded by NRCS to build a soil health database for Oregon.

Annie Young Matthews

Annie Young-Mathews has been a Conservation Agronomist with NRCS for 8 years, and Manager of the Corvallis Plant Materials Center for the last 3 years. She has carried out a variety of cool season and warm season cover crop adaptation trials at the Corvallis PMC, as well as evaluating the effects of different cover crop mixes and seeding rates on soil health parameters.

Nick Sirovatka

Nick Sirovatka joined Oregon NRCS in 2010, transitioning from his position with Oregon State University at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center where he was a member of the Extension Soils program focusing on dryland cropping systems, nutrient management and rotational crops.  Currently, he is an Agronomist for NRCS, providing technical assistance to the NRCS field staff east of the Cascades.  Nick spent time on the south island of New Zealand and also in Saskatchewan, Canada working with producers on cropping systems management and livestock inclusion in their operations.  Nick currently serves as the chair of NRCS Oregon’s Soil Health Committee.

Dr. Tim Paulitz

Dr. Don Wysocki

Dr. John Antle

Nate James

I grew up in Eastern Oregon on the family farm, have a bachelor’s degree from OSU with a double major in rangeland resources and crop and soil science. I have worked for NRCS full time since 2004.  I spent 6 years as a range conservationist and the last 8 years as a district conservationist.  I have worked primarily in Eastern Oregon including Wallowa, Gilliam and Umatilla Counties.  I work with farmers and ranchers to implement soil health systems on their operations.

Dr. Gabrielle Roesch-McNally

Dr. Jenn Moore-Kucera

Don Wirth