Once again, we are excited to hold our annual hiring event in conjunction with the 2021 Society for Range Management (SRM) Conference to recruit and hire students and graduates in range management, soil science, watershed hydrology, geology, and archeology. Participation will be virtual from February 7-11, 2021.This annual hiring event is in-line with our strategic objectives and ensures that we hire the next generation of leaders in mission critical and hard-to-fill occupations.

To be most effective with active recruiting on college campuses and with student affinity groups, early identification of positions, duty locations, and scope of work is important. It is imperative to submit positions timely to allow us the opportunity to recruit high quality applicants prior to and during this virtual hiring event.  We plan to offer the following opportunities:

Intern (Indefinite) – GS-03/04 for current undergraduate or GS-05 for graduate students.  The student interns may work in and be converted to a variety of areas to include range, soil sciences, physical sciences, or archeology.
o GS-0499-03/04/05 with planned conversion to GS-0454-05/07/09 Rangeland Management Specialists.
o GS-1399-03/04/05 with planned conversion to any GS-05/07/09 physical sciences or related positions the student may qualify for upon graduation.
o GS-0199-05/07 with planned conversion to GS-0193-07/09 Archeologists.
Recent Graduates/Merit
o GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-0454-07/09 Rangeland Management Specialists.
o GS-04/05 with conversion to GS-0455-06 or higher graded Range Technicians.
o GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-0470-07/09 Soil Scientists.
o GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-1315-07/09 Hydrologists.
o GS-04/05 with conversion to GS-1316-06 or higher graded Hydrologic Technicians.
o GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-1350-07/09 Geologists.
o GS-07 with conversion to GS-0193-09 Archeologists.

The group announcements for these positions will be open on USAJOBS from March 9-15, 2021.  Applicants do not need to be at the conference to apply.  If you are interested in filling a position through this hiring event, please follow these instructions to enter and approve an SF-52 in eTracker by no later than February 19, 2021:

1. Go to New Request > Pathways > Recent Grads. (Note: Appointments may be Pathways or merit promotion, but this helps associate the request with a hiring event and ensure it is advertised.)
2. Use the applicable grade and series listed above.
3. Add “SRM Hiring Event” under Notes for Position/Request.
4. Add “Lena Duke” under Notification Contacts.
5. Ensure all budget and authorizing officials approve the SF-52 request, as needed.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or contact Lena Duke, Pathways Supervisor, at (505) 563-9357 or

Soil Scientist 
Grade and Series:  GS-470-5/7/9 (Full Performance Level: GS-9); Supervisory Status:  No; Open: 12/31/2020 to 07/15/2021 (until filled)

Total # of Vacancies: 1 vacancy in Victorville, CA Direct Link: USAJOBS – Job Announcement


Soil Conservationist (7 vacancies):
Open to the public. Applications accepted through 7/15/2021. The first batch of applications will be reviewed within two weeks.

  • Baker City
  • Central Point
  • Enterprise
  • John Day
  • McMinnville
  • Redmond
  • Tangent
  • Tillamook

Rangeland Management Specialist (1 vacancy):

Open to the public. Applications accepted through 7/15/2021. The first batch of applications will be reviewed within two weeks.

  • Ontario

Robert Hathorne
Business Services Specialist

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Portland, Oregon


Temporary hydrologic technician positions in Springfield, OR; GS-05/07; Closes 01/14/2021:


Check out these multiple soils positions! Direct Hire is a great way to gain federal employment. You only need to meet the minimum qualifications to be referred and a list of qualified applicants is sent to the hiring official for that location every 15-30 days. You must meet full qualifications at time of application, so must have a degree in hand, but these positions have until July to be filled.

What is the Direct Hire Authority? Direct-Hire Authority (DHA) is a hiring authority that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) can grant to Federal agencies for filling vacancies in specific occupations, grade levels, and locations when it can be proven that there is a critical hiring need or a severe shortage of candidates. Direct hire authorities expedite the hiring process by eliminating veterans’ preference, rating and ranking, as well as the typical selection procedures.

Public notice is required, meaning to use a DHA, a vacancy announcement must be posted on OPM’s USAJOBS job listing board and open to the public. All applicants who meet the basic qualification requirements of the position will be referred to the hiring manager for consideration and may be selected.


Resources for Federal Careers

  • Information on Natural Resource Specialists positions at the Department of Interior:
  • Soil Scientist (0470 series) qualifications for all federal positions


Looking for scholarship information? Check it out here!

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