OSSS Summer Tour

Your OSSS board has made the difficult decision to delay the Newberry Caldera Summer Field Tour to the summer of 2021. We felt it was the only responsible decision given the projections around community spread and the advice of government agencies and medical experts. We’re all missing our personal and professional connections during this difficult time, but doing the right thing—staying close to home, and protecting ourselves and our families through appropriate distancing—will help keep our communities safe until a vaccine can be developed.  We’ll all be together on the other side of this.

Our organization thrives on social connections.  We’re exploring ways to engage members during this time apart, and are considering a remote meeting/gathering option in lieu of the summer tour.  This won’t be another boring Zoom meeting—probably something less formal where we get to see faces and soils from across the state in a show-and-tell format.  If you have ideas, or a specific soil issue or soil profile you’d like to share with the group, please get in touch!

Isolation and stress during the lockdown have led many to find solace in nature and in activities like gardening.  People are connecting with elements of the natural world and reflecting on ecological processes in ways they hadn’t before. We’re also seeing firsthand how behavioral and economic changes (though mandated in response to a viral threat, and coming with great cost) have meaningfully affected water quality, air quality, and CO2 emissions.  The time is ripe for us, as soil advocates, to forge ahead with meaningful work and to help set the stage for protection and maintenance of ecosystems and places that provide refuge for humans times of despair, ensure the delivery of clean drinking water, generate food, and host an amazing array of diverse life forms that likely hold keys to future cures and medical advances. Whether you’re an influential research scientist or a casual soil enthusiast, you each have a role to play in telling this story to others.

Look for the next edition of the Sharpshooter in your inboxes sometime in the next month.  And, until we meet again, happy wandering, exploring (locally), reading, baking, brewing, digging—whatever it is that brings you joy!

All the Best,

Bruce Moffatt (OSSS President) and your OSSS Board

Teaser preview for when we get there!

Newberry Volcano about 20 miles south of Bend! Camping will be available.