Thanks to everyone who made the 2021 OSSS Virtual Winter Meeting such a great event!

Aggregating Together Through it All: Networking is one of the most important things a professional society can do for its members. OSSS is recognizing this by providing a day to learn (March 5th) and a day to connect (March 6th).

…stay tuned for our winter 2022 meeting in Bend!


2020 –> 2021 –> 2022 OSSS Summer Tour

Your OSSS board has made the difficult decision to delay the Newberry Caldera Summer Field Tour to the summer of 2022. We felt it was the only responsible decision given the projections around community spread and the advice of government agencies and medical experts. We’re all missing our personal and professional connections during this difficult time, but doing the right thing—staying close to home, and protecting ourselves and our families through appropriate distancing—will help keep our communities safe until a vaccine can be developed.  We’ll all be together on the other side of this.

Teaser preview for when we get there- hopefully Summer 2022!

Newberry Volcano about 20 miles south of Bend! Camping will be available.