PUB TALK ON OREGON’S MYSTERIOUS TIDAL FORESTS— To be rescheduled! Please check back in!
Join the Institute for Applied Ecology’s Estuary Technical Group Director Laura Brophy at the Pelican Brewing Company, Pacific City, OR. Laura will take you on a tour of Oregon’s forested tidal swamps. Oregon’s estuaries today are full of beauty: salt marshes with intricate, winding channels and mud flats with wheeling flocks of shorebirds and clam beds for the adventurous forager. But did you know that in pioneer times, over half of the Oregon coast’s tidal wetlands were forested tidal swamps? A recent study completed by the Estuary Technical Group maps these historic tidal swamps and their current distribution. You can download the report here: She will share more surprising facts at this Pub Talk about these long-lost tidal forests and what you can do to help bring them back.



2020 Oregon Envirothon: May 1st 2020 at the Oregon Gardens in Silverton, OR

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