Mr. Allen Holstein ( is teaching a 10-week  course on viticulture through Chemeketa CC this summer (Thu afternoons starting a 1 pm). He would like someone to provide an afternoon “Soils 101” lecture and outdoor practicum. Of particular interest are differences in soil textures, effects of clay soils on water retention, and how to interpret soil water retention curves. Please contact him directly if you are interested in helping him out with a CC to on your email.


Grant Opportunity through the National Cooperative Soil Survey

The Soil and Plant Science Division of the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, is pleased to announce the posting on Grants.Gov of a Notification of Funding Opportunity (NFO) for soils and ecological research in 12 priority topic areas to be awarded by July 5, 2019, with an award period of performance to start by September 1, 2019.  There will be a total of $1,920,000 dollars in funded research awarded, ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 depending on the topic area.

The priority research areas are:

  • New technology for delivering soils and ecological site training
  • Quantifying soil organic carbon management
  • Production of raster soil property maps to support interpretations
  • Calculating soil classification from soil properties
  • Applying advances in climate science to ecological site descriptions
  • Quantifying the distribution of soil landscapes for dust production affecting human health
  • Development of high resolution digital soil mapping techniques for precision agriculture
  • Development of screening tools for soil properties in urban environments
  • Quantifying soil carbon stocks in coastal ecosystems
  • Modeling climate and soil health indicators for managing agricultural risk and production
  • Development of workshop formats for the revision of Soil Taxonomy
  • Supporting research targeted to 1890s, HSI, and Tribal universities and colleges and to new faculty at other schools

Submitted materials must be received by 5:00 pm Central Time on June 3, 2019.  Delivery information, topic funding levels, and proposal specifications are given in the NFO document.

Opportunity Number: USDA-NRCS-NHQ-SOIL-19-GEN0010134

CFDA Number:  10.903