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President: James Cassidy – or

James is an Instructor extraordinaire at OSU and the advisor of the OSU Organic Growers Club

Vice-president: Sean Rochette –

Sean works for OR DEQ as the Onsite Wastewater Specialist and is a certified soil scientist

Past President: Shannon (Andrews) Cappellazzi –

Shannon is finishing her PhD and about to start working as an independent contractor with the Soil Health Institute

Treasurer: Pam Keller –

Pam is a retired soil scientists with a background in computer science and specialization in GIS

Secretary: Alicia Leytem –

Alicia is a Pesticide Specialist at National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at Oregon State University

Eastside director: Sarah Hash –

Sarah works for the USFS as the District Soil Scientist in the Deschutes National Forest

Westside director: Marissa Theve –

Marissa is a soil scientist for the Bureau of Land Management

Webmaster general: Adam Lindsley –

Adam is an E-campus soils instructor for OSU, is in charge of the Crop and Soil Science website

OSU Student Liaison: Larisa LaMere and Jennifer Fendenko

Graduate students at OSU helping connect our student and professional members