Our Mission

The Oregon Society of Soil Scientists is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of OSSS is to facilitate communication, foster professionalism, encourage cooperation and fellowship, promote public appreciation of the profession, advance the field of soil science, stimulate scientific research and publication, and support high standards of education in soil science.


Becoming an OSSS member has changed in the past year. During our Winter Meeting in Hood River in 2023, our membership in attendance decided to eliminate the renewal or purchasing of new annual regular or student memberships. What this means is that the only remaining membership is by becoming a Lifetime Member. Now, there are three tiers of registration for all future meetings: regular, student, and lifetime members, which does away with the “non-member” option, which was more costly.

In short, rather than having to purchase a membership then purchasing registration for an event, the cost of the two is rolled into one (the registration for the event). For more information regarding this change, please stay tuned for a website update with more details or reach out to our OSSS interim secretary (marissa.theve@gmail.com).

Membership Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from our most recent membership meeting, which took place during the 2023 Winter Meeting in Hood River. This includes important updates about what it means to be a member of OSSS, as well as a detailed treasurer’s report on the state of our finances.

Financial Report to OSSS Members

Please find our most recent financial report for February 2024 here.

Archived financial reports from previous fiscal years can be made available to those interested upon request!


Find the bylaws, our organization’s guiding document, at the link here.