SAVE THE DATE: 2021 OSSS Virtual Winter Meeting: March 5-6th- Free to all members!

This year’s meeting will be a group effort.

These times, it seems that we are all missing human interactions. Our primary goal for the OSSS 2021 Winter Meeting, which will be virtual, is to foster reconnecting with each other. We know
that there is a longing to talk to our other soil science friends and colleagues and a need to create space for discussion. With that in mind, we are dedicating one of the days to society communication and sharing so it is not just data presentations on a Zoom call. We are planning an interactive program, hearing from as many members as possible, and will provide the much needed space for connection. In addition, for those of you wanting a more in-person experience while watching the virtual meeting, we are looking for several individuals willing to host small watch parties around the state. If you want to host a watch party, please contact Shannon Cappellazzi to discuss details.
$$ Free for all members $$
The general plan, two half day sessions:
Day 1, Friday March 5th:
• 4 one hour talks that will provide CEU credits (will include ethics CEUs)
• Silent auction begins – fundraiser for Soil Judgers during happy hour
Day 2, Saturday March 6th:
• Society Discussion and presentations
Topics (tbd) but we will have time to chat about current state of life and soil
• Virtual soil tour
Member led pit discussions (group participation needed, described below)
•Annual Membership Meeting
Board updates, elections, transfer of leadership, scholarship winners, announce 2021 scholarship
Silent auction winners announced
social games and trivia during happy hour

Virtual soils tour participation:
OSSS wants to put on the most geographically expansive winter meeting field trip ever carried out by the society! We are looking for ~10 members to dig, describe, and sample soils of your choosing. You can choose one location or a collection of pit locations that link together a conceptual thread. Because we don’t have any venue expenses this year, we have funds to pay for select laboratory analyses (should they be needed) to help you tell your soil’s story. If you are interested in participating/contributing to the virtual tour, please contact Shannon Cappellazzi* before Nov. 15th so that we can coordinate the sampling and testing strategy. Samples will have to be shipped on or before November 30th to provide sufficient time for analysis prior to the meeting (March 5-6th).
– OSSS Board, *


You found the Oregon Society of Soil Scientists!

Our beloved, “O triple S” is the Oregon Society of Soil Scientists. This is an organization of soil scientists and aspiring soil scientists who want to stay connected to the vast variety of other soil scientists and fields of soils work in our region.

The mission of OSSS is to facilitate communication, foster professionalism, encourage cooperation and fellowship, promote public appreciation of the profession, advance the field of soil science, stimulate scientific research and publication, and support high standards of education in soil science.


We aim to accomplish our mission by hosting an Annual Winter Meeting, Annual Summer Field Tour, and supporting mechanisms for member communication and information sharing.

Our Winter Meeting is normally held in late February or early March. Most of the membership gathers at a location decided on by the Board of Directors. We have talks from guest speakers to increase our understanding of the location, poster sessions with students to connect practitioners with the latest research, guided trips to examine soil pits together to help keep us speaking the same language and sharing knowledge, and plenty of time for meeting of the minds.

The Summer Tour is a bit more variable and can range from a state wide tour to examine the literal holes in the ground to a meandering trip though Willamette Valley Wine Country. Either way we experience the beauty and grandeur of Oregon with others who share a unique perspective, seeing the landscape through the eyes of trained soil scientists.

OSSS sends a quarterly newsletter called the Sharpshooter. This publication provides information on upcoming and past events, news from state and federal natural resource agencies, reports from Academic conferences, artistic renditions, and news updates directly related to soils.

We also support member communication through our website and social media platforms. We provide updates on events within OSSS and related organization. You can find links to interesting new articles, send in your pictures, find links to learn about soil, and check out our jobs board.

With more involvement we will be able to take on more activities to help us achieve our mission. We have more ideas for events like a certification study groups, hosting information booths at fairs, helping other organizations with training events related to soil science, preserving the knowledge of OR soils from those who have mapped it, and even an eventual Oregon soils museum!

We hope all of the soil scientists in Oregon will be able to understand the value that OSSS brings; the joy in collaboration, learning from those in related by disparate aspects of soil science, experiencing other parts of our state, encouraging a well-rounded soils education, getting people excited about soil, and the bonds between members of a society who all care enough about our world to dedicate their life’s work to soil science.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Please email the President,, currently Bruce Moffatt