OSSS Membership is about joining with your fellow soil scientists to explore, discuss, and enjoy soil. To say loudly; I am a soil scientist and it is a noble, challenging, vital calling that I do because I love it. The connections we foster are meant to encourage scientific exploration, protect the institutional knowledge that comes from people who have mapped our land, and foster communication between people who work in various aspects of the science.

Our membership is drawn from federal employees, county agents, environmental stewards, agricultural producers, researchers and educators, and so many others along the continuum. Our diversity gives us strength, our passion brings us together, and soil connects us all.

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There are many other organizations that work in intimate relation to soil, but may identify more with another organization. We want to learn from your expertise, join us! Or, encourage your professional organization to become an “OSSS partner organization.” We can work together to put on meetings, host speakers, or connect our members and our ecosystem by sharing event information.

Check out the rest of the site, and if you have more questions about what membership is about, send me an email.