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As a fellow soil enthusiast, I would like to encourage you to become a member of the Oregon Society of Soil Scientists. The most tangible benefit is that members pay less to attend our Winter Meeting and Summer Tour. More importantly, membership allows our society to continue to fulfill our mission. I have been a member of OSSS since I was in graduate school at OSU in 2012. For me, the society has provided the setting (often campfires and soil pits) for me to build relationships with soil scientists who I would not have otherwise met. These relationships have led to new job opportunities, grant funding, and a special comradery among people who have a passion for soil. Consider joining OSSS and growing your soil network. – Shannon Cappellazzi, OSSS Secretary

Our membership is drawn from federal employees, county agents, environmental stewards, agricultural producers, researchers and educators, and so many others along the continuum. Our diversity gives us strength, our passion brings us together, and soil connects us all. An OSSS membership will save money on both (or either) the winter meeting and summer tour! Your membership also supports maintaining our non-profit status and website, paying for insurance, and encouraging the next generation of soil scientists. We encourage all of the soil enthusiasts in Oregon to join by clicking here to join OSSS.

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There are many other organizations that work in intimate relation to soil, but may identify more with another organization. We want to learn from your expertise, join us! Or, encourage your professional organization to become an OSSS partner organization. We can work together to put on meetings, host speakers, or connect our members and our ecosystems by sharing event information.

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