Oregon Soil Photos


A soil tending toward an Andisol on the Oregon Coast.
Ponding in an Amity soil pit in Corvallis, OR
A Spodosol spotted on the OSSS Winter Tour 2015 – Oregon Coast
More evidence of mass movement near Nehalem.
An Andisol on the Oregon Coast – near Nehalem.
Close up a a soil clod from a pit that is mapped as Amity in Corvallis.
The soil pit at the OSU Organic Growers Club in Corvallis OR. Showing the differential drying rates of soils with various textures. You can see the sand and silt rhythmites popping out at you.
Goethite rich clays and evidence of mass movement near Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast – found on the 2015 Winter Meeting.